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Shoulder Surgery in Mountain View, CA

Dr. Stephen F. Osborn performs shoulder surgery on patients in the Mountain View, CA, area. Dr. Osborn can serve people with persistent or acute pain in their shoulder due to rotator cuff tears, sports injuries, or other conditions.

Why Consider Shoulder Surgery?

Your shoulders are important joints that allow your arms and hands to move freely through your daily tasks. Shoulder joints contain many muscles and connective tissues that can wear down with age and use. For example, many people who play sports 

with repetitive arm motions, such as tennis,  develop tendonitis or rotator cuff tears in one or both shoulders.

These shoulder injuries can be quite painful. If you have difficulty lifting your arms or participating in sports you love due to a shoulder injury, rotator cuff surgery may alleviate the pain and restore your range of motion. Shoulder surgery may also be a solution for someone who sustained an extensive injury in an accident.

What Are Your Shoulder Surgery Options?

For eligible patients, Dr. Osborn often recommends arthroscopic surgery for shoulder injuries. With this method, he makes only a few small incisions near the shoulder that allow him to insert cameras and other surgical tools into the injured area. The smaller incisions typically mean a quicker recovery time than patients experience after traditional open surgery.

Of course, Dr. Osborn always considers each patient’s specific needs, and as a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, he can provide the most suitable treatment. Dr. Osborn also specializes in sports medicine. This additional training helps him assess sports-related shoulder injuries and recommend treatments that will allow patients to continue living active lifestyles.

Schedule an Appointment With Dr. Osborn

To consult with Dr. Osborn about whether shoulder surgery is a good option for you, schedule an appointment online or call (650) 988-7100. You can read through or fill out our new patient forms before your visit to our Mountain View, CA, office.

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