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Sports medicine is a broad type of health care that focuses on people and athletes who were injured while playing a sport. Treatment for these types of injuries ranges from 

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Sports Medicine for Santa Clara County, CA, Residents

People need to stay active, whether they’re in their 20s or 50s. However, with sports and activity comes injuries and strains, so that’s why El Camino Center for Sports Medicine offers professional sports medicine help for residents of Santa Clara County, CA. If you’ve been hurt, our professional staff can help you heal as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can be active again soon.

simple therapy to orthopedic surgery, so when you come into our office, we’ll sit down with you and figure out exactly what’s wrong so that we can provide the treatment that you need to return to your desired activity.

We can help with a range of sports injuries, including:

  • Sprains and strains of joints
  • Fractures in bones
  • Injuries to the knees and shoulders

El Camino Center for Sports Medicine specializes in all aspects of the musculoskeletal system so we can help with any related injuries.

The other aspect of sports medicine that many people don’t know is the prevention of sports-related injuries. We are experts at training your body to be as healthy as possible so that you don’t suffer major injuries while playing the sports or doing the activities that you love. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never be injured, we can say that your body will be more prepared for dangerous situations or accidents.

Dr. Stephen Osborn, the practicing doctor at El Camino Center for Sports Medicine, has decades of experience helping people recover from sports injuries and avoid future injuries. As an athlete himself, he knows the mentality of sports and how to get the body moving again.

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